Real Estate facts about we buy houses people, you Should know!

1) 90% of all so called investors don't own a checkbook! How are they going buy you house? We have a checkbook, we don't use banks, we use whats called a funding investor! its basicly someone (person) who has the money to fund the purchase of your house. As of today we have 107 of these people and $18,370,000 dollars that are imaptently waiting to fund a deal and collect intrest that we pay on what we borrow to buy you house!

An example of how we fund our purchases.

ME: Hey joe, I need 150k to buy 123 Main st.
Joe: When do you need it?
Me: The closing is 2 weeks from Friday
Joe: OK i'll send it to the closing attorney.
ME: Thanks

No aprasials, No Bank approvals (or turn downs) Just Joe (lender/partner) that says yes or no!

As of January 1st 2023 we have did over 3000 houses Can we do yours? MAYBE depends on the price?

2) Most of the people you spreak with don't know what they don' know, Meaning they have never seen the problem they dont know whars coming, let alone how to handle it... what that means your house won't close You won't get the money... yur deal is now dead and now price contaminated. AND YOU WON'T EVER GET MORE OR CLOSE TO WHAT THE PRETEND OFFED YOU!

3) When i started in this business in 1984 ( yes i am getting old) A hand shake mattered, sure we had contracts but the persons word was more important. Today, there is no integrety its about how much money they can get. That does not fix your problem. Even if we can't for what ever reason, buy your house. We will steer you in the right diection to how and to who will.

4) Most so called investors, have not done a deal let alone over 3000 of them. Most will pretend to buy you house, most never will. They went to a seminar and learned what to say and were told the will make a boat load of money if the pay the guru teaching them $2995 at the back of the room... When they call me and they do 100's of them, i play with them They ask questions like, will you hold paper? what that means is guru speak for will you finance, or can i pay you pennys a month be cause i have no cash or anyone to patner with for the cash. YES IN CASE YOU GUESS IT I HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR A LIAR!

5) Every deal has problems... period... my hope is if i do my job right you will never see them only your check at closing and you say dang that was easy! I know how to hanle problems, i have or have access to the money need/wanted by you at closing.

6) Each deal must go thru a legal process called closing or a settlement, this is where the title (ownership chain) is transfered and all bills and amounts are paid, this means taxes owned, unpaid or open mortgages, code violations, water bills and the like get paid, we get the house what is called free and clear and you get paid! what we agreed on at the time in full.

7) A house, if your living in it, it was a rental, of if you just inherited it, if most people biggest asset (cash) in their life. Do you real want to trust that to someone who just went to a seminar last weekend, or a real estate agent who is a full time wife only selling house to make ends meet and get a few bucks. Or do you want to speak with a pro who stopped counting completed deals long ago, who can do this in their sleep?

8) Are They local? More and more are just trying to make a few bucks, I am i live in Haines City FL Between Orlando and Tampa off RT 4, I work the whole state of Florida, but i live and like central FL. Its nothing for me to get in my truck with a pepsi and full trank of gas and go anywhere it the state. If we do a deal, you will meet me if we are local or at very least talk to me and i am the one that sees the house... Local Not 3 states away, done 1000's of deals, and can do yours Call me, Text Me Take my money! Its real!!! heck you can even talk to my attorney he is the one that will close the house a and MY money will be sent from his escrow account!

9) You may not like what i tell you... But I will always tell you the TRUTH! I won't lie just to get a deal.. Whats more important to you... the truth... thing THAT CAN AND WILL HAPPEN IF YOU CHOOSE TO WORK WITH ME! If I can buy your house I will If I can't I will steer you in the right direction... How much is 35 years of experience worth alot if you have a problem, a lot if this a huge asset to you?

Call me let talk, or text me at 407-799-8611 Dan
No Judgement, I don't bite
Just Take My money and RUN!
Leave your problem to us!

No clean outs, no clean ups, no repairs, don't pay anything more. Just talk to ne 1st and make it your last! Call me let talk, or text me at 407-799-8611 Dan and yes it's my real cell phone, no answering service, no employees, no voiuce mail no recordedmessages JUST ME! 7AM TO 11 PM if you miss me becuase i was on it leave me a message and i will call you right back!

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